Residential House Painting Contractors

When we are painting your home, we take extra special care of your property. The paint is only applied to the proper surfaces and not to the floors, furnishings, etc… You will not be bothered by loud music or lots of talking, nor will you have to endure a messy job site. Instead, you will receive a professional staff of painters who will properly prepare the surfaces first, cover the areas they are not painting, thoroughly clean up each day and paint according to industry standards.

Complete Interior painting includes:

  • Prep, Caulk, & Prime
  • Body – Ceilings – Trim
  • Baseboard – Moldings
  • Stain packages

Exterior Painting Services

The painted surfaces will be properly cleaned and prepared, and non painted surfaces will be masked before receiving any finishes. All this will be completed according to industry standards. The property will be thoroughly cleaned (pressure washed). All windows will be checked and clear caulked, parapet caps checked and sealed. All weathered areas will be checked and caulked where needed. All non painted surfaces will be covered or masked.

Complete Exterior painting includes:

  • Wood – Composites – Vinyl sliding
  • Doors – Windows
  • Fascia – Eaves
  • Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  • Decks – Railings – Patio covers
  • Metal finish – Accelerated rust – Security doors (we can also weld metal in the scope of the job)
  • Fence-–Wood & Block – Efflorescent resistant

If you would like to get a quote on your upcoming house painting project, give us a call at (602) 214-1138 to schedule an appointment.


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