Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

Beige Epoxy

The first thing to know is that garage floor coatings are not paint. They are an epoxy base coating that has a thermosetting resin which has to be mixed with a hardener for strength to endure heavy traffic and abuses that garage floors receive. These

Blue Epoxy

coatings are very hard-wearing and resilient, which is just what you need to hold up and avoid damage from chipping, discoloration and scuffs. But you still need to be careful within reason. You wouldn’t want to do major welding jobs or staining projects on it.

It is a thicker coating than paint so it also covers the flaws that are already there more than a paint would. Minor fine-line cracks and rough textures can really benefit from an epoxy coating. And the optional paint chips that can be added mean that you can add texture, color and interest if that is the look you want. Or maybe you want that glossy, showroom floor that reflects light.

Another benefit is that these coatings also keep dust down in your garage. Did you know that some of the dust is actually from your cement or concrete floor shedding a powder that only adds to the dust collecting there? So there will be less tracking of dust into your house every time you enter.

Some people have treated this as a DIY project with products picked up at local box stores. Whilst these look nice, they aren’t always as tough as you’d want them to be. For instance, when you pull into the garage from a hot trip into town there is the issue of your sizzling tires actually picking up some of the coating as it lifts it up, so you end up with bare patches on your beautiful new floor. This happens because as the blistering tires cool down they contract slightly which causes the tread to literally take hold of and draw at the surface of the epoxy floor! If you used a cheaper water-based coating you will sadly see that your hot tires can even reactivate the curing progression and start to soften it.

Red Epoxy

Dickinson Enterprises understands that premium commercial grade products and proper preparation are as critical to this application as they are to painting the exterior of a building with intense southern exposure. We also take the tedious tasks of preparation and layering of specific coatings that are used to create these magnificent floors. And, when done right, these floors have a very good “floor” life!

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