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We go the extra mile to ensure we give all our customers better service than they expect. It's a sad fact that many contractors today do not take pride in what they do - Dickinson Enterprises does! That's why we have our Seven Point Service, and are proud to document it! We want all customers to have an enjoyable painting experience.

This is what you can expect from our Seven Point Service. If you feel you haven't gotten the very best service and finish, I invite you to ring me personally and talk to me about it.

Mark Dickinson ~ Owner

(602) 214-1138

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1We provide our clients with professional color selection and customization assistance.

2Prior to each job, all applicable exterior surfaces are pressure washed for better paint adherence.

3Although our 3000-PSI sprayers seal most cracks, any fissures over 1/8th are caulked or sealed before paint is applied.

4Prior to painting, all lights, doors and windows are taped.

5Customized items such as pillars, pop-outs and trim are included in our quotes.

6Clean-up includes remounting of removable items, tape removal and over spray removal.

7A Follow-up Service Evaluation and Review is performed at the end of each project.


Dickinson Painting 7 point service

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